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I think I went a little overboard and laid claim at three 20in20 communities. So stay tuned for the followed within the next couple of weeks.

20 icons of Maggie Green for character20n20
20 icons of The Eleventh Doctor for doctorwho20in20
20 icons of Castiel for tvshow20in20
And just a big dump of Hunger Games/Catching Fire graphics (Katniss/Gale shippyness)

Watch to stay updated!
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[3] Crossover Wallpapers: Heroes/Supernatural (Claire/Sam)

My favorite crossover ship! I might be alone on this ship, but I made some wallpapers, experimenting with some new styles.

  • For personal use only.
  • I read and appreciate all comments and constructive criticism.
  • Other sizes and textless available upon request.


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    Tutorial List

    A list of tutorials I've used over the years. Included are the base (or something I quickly cropped if the base was not provided in the tut), result, and with some, I've included an icon I've made as a result. Remember very rarely do they work out step-by-step. It's important to experiment!

    This will be constantly updated!

    Last updated: 4/20/14

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    [20] TV Show Icons for tvshow20in20 (+alternates)

    Hi. Wow, it's been awhile. Over three years. So for my comeback tour, I thought a challenge would be fun, so here's a batch for tvshow20in20.

    [04] Once Upon a Time
    [05] American Horror Story: Coven "The Seven Wonders"
    [03] Pretty Little Liars
    [04] The Walking Dead
    [04] Supernatural
    I meant to make 4 icons for each show, but I made too many for American Horror Story so my OCD is just going to have to deal.

    -Don't edit, textless are not bases. Resizing is okay.
    -Don't hotlink.
    -Please credit.
    -I read and appreciate all comments and concrit.


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    [25] Random SPN icons

    So I've had to downgrade from Photoshop CS to GIMP, hopefully just temporary, so as a way to get used to the new program, I challenged myself. With the first 8 icons, I was going with a blood theme but after getting tired of that really quickly, I went to the Supernatural Series gallery, opened up a random number generator then the first number to come up would be the season, the second number would be the episode, then the third and final number would the page and I had to create an icon out of an image on that page.

    **Mild spoilers for 6.15

  • Don't edit.
  • No hotlinking!
  • Credit and comments/concrit are appreciated.

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