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How to make this Header...

*slaps ruler on desk of sleepy student*

TURN YOUR CELL PHONES OFF AND PAY ATTENTION CLASS! Today, we will be learning how to make...


Made with: Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0.

1. I started with this image from Prison Break Online.

2. Crop and resize.

3. As you can see, there is the nasty text on the bottom. We want to get rid of it, but we want to keep the graphic at this size. We will fix that later. First, we want to fix up the picture. In this picture in particular, there skin is a little too orange, so I went to Enhance-->Adjust Color-->Adjust Hue/Saturation or press Cntrl + U. I brought the Hue down to -1 and the Saturation down to -37, but this will vary with every picture. Do not use my numbers. Experiment with your own.

4a.See the improvement? Now, go to Layer--New Adjustmant Layer-->Levels. I used these settings, but like I said before, it varies with every picture. RBG Input: 69, RBG Output: 58, Red Input: 161, Red Output: 148, Green Output: 83, Green Input: 80, Blue Output: 148, Blue Input: 122. Set the layer to Soft Light.

4b.Then duplicate the bottom layer and drag it to the dop. Desaturate it and set it to Soft Light.

I know the base is cropped differently, but I had to start over, so ignore that. Anyways... ain't it purdy?

5a.Now, it is time to get rid of the text at the bottom. Here is what we do. We click on the Rectangle Marquee Tool (M) and create a rectangle around the boys' heads and gun. That's what I want the focus on.

5b. Create a new layer and press Cntrl + Alt + E, which will have a layer of everything you have. It's a way of merging everything, but still having the layers on the bottom to go back to if you need them.

5c.Right-click and click Layer via Copy.

5d.Drag that new layer to dop of the canvas (if it isn't already).

5e.Drag the bottom layer down until you are satisfied. As you can see, I have the top layer take up a little more space than the lower layer.

6.Now, we are going to add the line in the middle. Create a new layer, click the Pencil Tool (N). I used a 10px brush, but use what you are comfortable with. Then I drew the line across the canvas. Hold down the Shift button to make it stay strait.

7.I want the layers to look different, so I am going to go to Enhance-->Adjust Light-->Adjust Brightness/Contrast. I don't remember the numbers I used, but I made the lowered them down a bit on the top layer. Then I did the same on the bottom layer, but I lowered the contrast a lot more. Play with it, and see what you like.

8.Almost done. Now add this texture made by me. Credit is not required, but always nice. ;) The background is transparent. So copy it and paste it onto your canavas. Lower the opacity to 10%.

9.It still seems a little incomplete, so I go to the bottom layer and flip it. In Elements, press Cntrl + T for Free Transform. Go to the top of the window to the Height and Width settings. And just put a hyphen ( for negetive ) in front of the 100 in the Width panel.

10.There we go! The two layers are the exact same picture, yet they look totally different. Interesting the little do-dads you can do with just a few clicks of your mouse, no? Now, let's just move on our finishing touches.

I used this brush (I don't know who made it. If you made it, then holla!)

I stamped the brush around the perimiter of the banner.

Now, let's add some text. I used Arial Black, 14px.

11. Fin! Perfeto, no?

Your Homework Use this tutorial to make something.

Extra credit Post what you have made.
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