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Abstract Angst

Jane's Digital Art

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Pheonix39's graphic journal
+ icontest awards
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+ requests
+ interest icons
+ credit: layout codes

+ DO NOT ALTER. Resizing is okay if you want to use one of my 100x100 icons on a forum that only allows 80x80 icons or anything like that. But other than that, no editing my art, please. Textless are not bases.
+ NO HOTLINKING. If I catch anyone hotlinking, I'll replace the URL with a lovely 1000x500 black rectangle. ;)
+ CREDITING. I'm not a credit whore. I won't send my hitmen after people who don't credit. It's just polite to do. Please credit either abstract_angst or phoenix39.
+ COMMENTS. Please comment if you take anything, so I can know. I also love constructive critism. If you like something, let me know. My ego likes being stroked. If you don't like something, let me know how I can make things better.

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